A Cherished Moment

Monday is Family Home Evening for the YSA.  For some reason, both Ron and I were feeling kind of in the dumps when we woke up.  No reason why that we could see.  But we did what we we always do and made it over to the Mission Home in the early afternoon.  I had prepared some cooked beans at home that were going to be used in making a Mexican rice dish, so we lugged the pot of beans over.  (Someone had made this dish for the linger-longer after Church yesterday, so we decided maybe the kids would like it, too!)  No recipe but I should be able to wing something similar.  Anyway, so dinner was fine and we also had some left over chicken soup we offered the kids.  Ron made brownies for dessert, and that is always appreciated!

The FHE lesson was given by Lavinia and there were lots of discussion.  We heard “evangelium” (gospel) and a few other words we recognize. We do not have translators, so a lot of the time we are in the dark about what they are talking about. They asked if we wanted to add anything; but, of course, we could only pick up a word here and there and really did not know exactly what they were discussing.  So we declined.

After the meeting and dinner, we got out the materials that the kids needed to make loom hats and the fabric to make blankets that we are using for a Humanitarian project for a family homeless shelter in Szeged.  The Wiggins, the Hungarian Humanitarian senior couple, had just bought the fabric that day and brought it over to us!  Ron and I had cut the “fringe” on 4 pieces of fabric.  Their job was to tie each fringe into a knot.

Working on a service project

The kids were all having a great time.  They were laughing and talking as they worked and seemed so happy.  All the gloom of the morning had passed and we realized this was a cherished moment of peace and tranquility for them as well as for us.  These are the moments that we all cherish.  It was a delightful end of our day.


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