Halloween Party 2012

The YSA Halloween Party was held Oct 26th.  There was much planning and making of decorations before this event.  Several YSAs came early the day of to decorate the recreation room and help with any last minute food preparations.  This was an event to which all the YSAs of Hungary were invited.

Some of the decorating and set-up committee:  Lavi, Barbi, Annamaria, Timi, Norbi, Péter

The big issue to us was the sanding and varnishing of the recreation floor the week of the event.  Originally scheduled to be completed by SATURDAY, Oct 27th.  We found out that the event was not on the Stake Calendar, even though it was mentioned at Stake meetings since August.  (We have since learned how to get things on the Stake Calendar!)  They changed the order of the sanding so that the recreation room was available on Friday for us.  (Whew!)  When we went into the building on Monday, Oct 22, this was in “our” kitchen:  every folding table in the recreation room, the foos ball table, a podium, several stacks of chairs AND the piano…  We had the workers move the piano to the Relief Society room and cleared a path to the refrigerator, so we could at least get to some food in the refrigerator.

Feri and Csaba decorating cookies in kitchen. Note the foos ball table and podium in the background…

The turnout was about 55, which was a bit smaller than we expected.  However, there were two extenuating circumstances.  One was that the party was scheduled the same week as a national holiday, October 23, the day Hungary celebrates their freedom from Russian domination.  (I will have another post about that sometime in the future.)  This meant that people with jobs had to work on the following Saturday (Oct 26th), so many of our youth had to be home early.  The other is that many of the YSAs who come from long distances do not have a place to stay overnight in Budapest…. and although the party went to 1:30 AM, the trains do not run after 11 PM.

Some of the costumes…

But we think that everyone who came had a good time – and plenty of food!  We had BBQ pork on buns, funeral potatoes, veggies and dip, punch and many snack items brought by the kids and cute decorated Halloween cookies and other desserts.

Aniko doesn’t look like a wicked witch!

We still have some Halloween cookies in the freezer…. made way too much… but the kids had fun decorating them…  Ever try to make black frosting?  The artist, Ron, figured out the best combination of colors…

Pretty colorful!

There were some original face paintings at the party:

Klaudia came from Szeged about 2.5 hours away.

The kids were pretty insistent that we had to be in costume.  So we used our Cousin Camp T-shirts with their “stamps” – one for the annual Cousin Camp, one for our 50th Wedding Anniversary date, one with Heroes Square to commemorate our Hungarian Mission and the Hungarian Flag.  We came as OMA and OPA.  The Adams, missionaries from Szeged, came to help out – dressed as chefs with their In and Out Burger caps…

The Adams, the Felsteds, Sister J with an investigator

The YSA planned some costume contest time, some dancing time, some game time, some movie time and lots of snacking time.  Fun time for all who came…


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