Our Apartment

Missionaries in Hungary live in apartments, flats, or parts of homes… at least that is what I have seen so far.  We live in an apartment in a what I suppose is a typical apartment home in Budapest. Our street is one apartment home after the other.  The Mission Home is sort of an anomaly on our small street.  There is a large door to the entrance of our apartment.

Our Apartment Building

It opens with the proper code or with a fob on our key chain.  It opens to a large concrete floored entry, where the garbage cans are stored to the left.  At the end of this corridor, is a door to the court outside.  Some of the tenants use this to get to their apartment, as the building is wider on the right side than on the left side.  Our entrance is on the right, just before the entry to the court.  We go up 3 stairs, enter a door and we find ourselves in another little “foyer” with a door to a ground floor apartment and the curved stairs which lead up to more apartments upstairs.  There are 58 stairs to our apartment, which is on the third floor.  You can see 3 of the 4 front windows at the top of this photo.  Two of those windows (on left) are our bedroom and the other two are our front room/kitchen area.

As you enter our apartment, there is a window overlooking the courtyard to your left, a second bedroom directly straight ahead and an entry with storage cabinets and shelving and a half bath, with a toilet and sink.

Entry WayThe little bedroom has a single bed and a very small unfinished shower area.  This will be completed in a few months.  This small bedroom also has a window that overlooks the courtyard below and the deck which acts as a walkway for some to get to their apartments.


There is a very small window in this shower area which opens to an open area that is between the little bathroom off the hall and this shower area.  My guess is that is how they used to ventilate the bathrooms?  I am sure this building is about 100 years old.

Front Room AreaOur apartment was furnished with most things that we needed.  We bought some Ikea comforters, some cooking items (such as a skillet and bread pans) and enough silverware for us to entertain other missionaries.  Little things like that.  One front window on the right side of this picture above.

KitchenThe kitchen looks like a typical Ikea kitchen.  The upper cabinets are quite tall for me but that leaves plenty of space between the counter tops and the bottom of the cabinets.  I actually need a step stool to reach the back of the second shelf!  But that is no surprise, as I am 5 ft 4 in tall!  Also, luckily for me, I have a very tall companion!!!  The sink is in the corner.  We have a new kitchen which is easy to keep clean.  The flooring in this area is pebble-like tiles.   The refrigerator/freezer is much bigger than most senior apartments I have seen – many only have a refrigerator the size of the top half and it sits on the floor!  We have a 3 drawer freezer on the bottom.  And we bought the cutest little ice cube maker forms that we bought so we can have some ice with our drinks.  (Dorky Americans that we are!)  Another view of the kitchen which shows the 12 foot tall ceilings, the pebble floor, corner sink, washing machine (and dishwasher is under the counter to the left – adjacent to the washing machine).  One person kitchen but has everything we need.

The bedroom is quite large.  As you walk in, there is the windows to the left, the bed in front of the windows and a loft built in on the right.  The owners have used the loft for storage; but their son used to sleep up there.  (I think there is a bed hiding up there…)  We have stored our luggage up there; but there is no way we wish to climb the ladder to get to the loft.  Under the loft is a desk area and a walk-in closet/storage area and the entry to our full sized bathroom.


There is also a bank of 7 foot tall cabinets used as a closet on the far wall – so we have plenty of room for our 2 suitcases of clothes.

So this is our little home away from home.  And when we are tired after a strenuous day, we are so happy to come home!  We count our many blessings!


  1. Thanks for the details and the pictures. It really helps me to see and feel what it is like. Miss and love you guys. Jeni and Family(not gonna lie, the kids really miss the golf carts too!)

    1. Thanks, Jeni. We know some of the people who read our blog might never come to Hungary – so we wanted to show a taste of what it is like here. (You can go “visit” the golf carts…)

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