Some Learning Going On

The YSA adults decided that they wanted to cook their meals on Fridays for a while for their activity. They meet at 7 PM after Institute and have announcements, a Spiritual Thought and then a dinner. So they told us what the recipe was at our weekly YSA council meeting and we bought the food.

September 21 was make your own pizza.  I recommended that I make the pizza dough ahead of time because it took a while to do.  They agreed.  The YSA cut up the light colored bell peppers (that are called paprika here), mushrooms and onions.  We had some left over salami type meat for the pizzas and we bought pizza sauce.  Then Felsted Elder and I pinched off globs of dough and the kids rolled them out and put on the ingredients they wanted.  So this was the situation: 40 kids making their own separate pizzas, trying to keep track of which pizza was theirs on a pan with 3 other pizzas, two ovens – one in our kitchen and the other in the RS kitchen around the corner…. One darling investigator had her carefully made pizza taken by someone else…. so she made another with a curly tail on hers so she could identify it.

[We had a visit by the local fire department, also…. since the heat vapors from the hot ovens set off the fire alarm in the kitchen and we did not know how to turn them off.  We have since learned how to do that!!!]

Make your own pizza

Sept 28 was make your own salad night.  We washed the greens, paprika, tomatoes, etc and put them out.  The YSA cut up the veggies and then the YSA President announced to the group – go get what you want…  ??  It sort of worked out….

October 5:  They requested 5 Kg (a LOT) of pork for Pörkölt, a traditional Hungarian stew time of dish) and rice to put it on.  When we were at the meat section of Metro ordering this pork and I showed him the recipe title, he asked shoulder or rump (sign language) and I told him rump.  Just then one of the young sisters, Sister M, called me about something and I asked her to talk to the meat man and ask if he could cut it into stew sized pieces – so he did!!!)  If it had not have been cut into pieces – ?? – our center knives are not that great – although Felsted Elder did try to sharpen them.  Adri is a vegetarian but a very hard working young woman.  So she and a friend decided that the pieces were too large and they cut them into very small sections – even though she was not happy to be handling the meat…   (We have left over meat for another dinner sometime.)  Meanwhile, others were cutting the onions, tomatoes, paprika and lots of the spice, paprika, hence the red color.  An older lady (older than 18-30) appeared on the scene and decided to cook the rice the Hungarian way.  Since I was trying to stay out of the way, that was fine with me.

Traditional stew called pörkolt – only we served it on rice.

PS – This lady turns out to be a lost member – the Sister missionaries thought she was an investigator – but after a lengthy conversation with her during dinner, I found out that she was baptized in 1992.  Her husband was not happy with that and she did not attend for several years.  Meanwhile, the Church changed buildings, so she did not know where they were meeting.  She just ran into the missionaries who were handing out English class fliers last month.  (PS – we have a few non-18-30 wander through our “center.”  The missionaries announce that there is a YSA function on Friday nights and they don’t hear the 18-30 part and show up.  Eventually we get the message to them that the program is for the youth and they stop coming…)

Anyway, the young men were not too happy that dinner was not getting done anytime quickly…. We finally ate dinner at 9:30 PM…. Delicious, though.

In the kitchen with two Adris

October 12 – the dinner choice was mákos tészta, a traditional Hungarian dish.  Adri told us to buy 1 Kg (a LOT) of ground poppy seed.  Our favorite little neighborhood vegetable and fruit market had this!  (3 other little local stores did not have the ground seeds).  However, when I offered to buy some noodles, Adri insisted they could make the noodles by hand, if we had flour, oil, salt and water.  SO, she started making the noodles at 7 PM while her sister ran the rest of the program.  I think everyone had eaten some mákos tészta by about 9 PM….  BTW, the topping is just room temperature ground poppy seed mixed with white sugar and sprinkled on top of the noodles… INTERESTING dinner.  And we will have enough ground poppy seed for MANY, many meals.  I put the excess in the freezer.

mákos tészta

In an email today, I asked Adri to evaluate the cooking dinner by the YSA (pros and cons) for our next meeting.  I think it is an admirable desire to want to do the dinners.  IMO, they just need to start earlier – which might not be practical if they are coming from a job!

We will be making the dinners for the Friday dinner for the next little while.  Next Friday the YSA activity will be rolling and cooking and decorating rolled sugar cookies for the upcoming country wide Halloween party, where we expect about 100 youth.  (That is a LOT of cookies…)

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  1. Elder Felsted, have you ever tried to sharpen knives on the edge of a sidewalk. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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