BYU-I Business School Visits Budapest YSA

Before we even got to Hungary, Sister S sent me an email sent to her and the Bishop of the Buda Ward from a BYU-I group that was coming to visit some businesses in Hungary, as well as in other countries.  They wanted to visit with our YSA.  There were 2 returned missionaries from Hungary in this BYU group.

At first I wanted to have a dinner for them; but then I reconsidered – Sister H would not be here to help!  Then Timi, a local YSA, came to the rescue and said, I can help and we will use my (authentic Hungarian) recipes.  The BYU-I group offered to pay for the costs of feeding them.  So…. Ron and I bought some of the food and Timi and I bought the other.  We were feeding 40 from the BYU-I group and any YSA that could attend on a Wednesday evening.

We featured a traditional layered potato, hard-boiled egg, sausage, sour cream dish, corn salad, and fruit soup for dessert.

Here are two of the traditional potato dinner… YUM!

A room full of BYU-I business students

After the dinner, some of the faculty advisors helped us clean up the dishes!  And off the group went – with some of our YSA as tour guides – up to Buda Castle and some other nearby sights.

Looks like they had lots of fun!  At least that is what we heard from the YSA kids who were the tour guides.  THANKS for the visit, BYU-I Business College Students!


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