Changes In Budapest YSA leadership

On September 15, 2012, Sister W flew in from SLC.  She was sent to replace Sister S, who used to serve with Sister H and they ran the YSA program here in Budapest.  Then we came and we were asked to more or less take over.  So for a while, there has been a threesome running the YSA program here.

However, inspiration is INSPIRATION, and Mission President S felt that Sister W and Sister H were to go to another town called Debrecsen.  It is near the border of Romania and about 3 hours from Budapest.  It is a college town, the second largest city in Hungary.  And Sister H knew that it was inspiration because she had a strong impression she was to go there about 3 months ago.  When the MP asked us about it, we knew that the two single seniors could be probably be better used somewhere else.


Sister H went up to Debrescen before Sister W arrived to look for an apartment.  She went with the office couple.  They found some possibilities and then new senior couple assigned to Debrecsen also did some looking for apartments.  They found one on the same street as the Church!

They left for Debrecsen on September 21st and have been busily trying to scout out the YSA – many who have not been active recently.  There is a YSA mini-conference coming up in October with the youth in nearby Romania, so that should be a great tool for gathering some of the lost sheep back into the fold.

So we are on our own here and thankful for Sister S and Sister H having taught us so much.  And Sister H is only a phone call away… so we have already called her about some things that we could not remember….


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