Speaking Engagement in Kaposvár

This past Sunday we were scheduled to speak in Kaposvár, which is about 2 hours away from Budapest.  The Carpenters drove us there and were expecting to bear their testimonies after our talk.  We were given the choice of two topics:  I chose True to the Faith and Ron picked Repentance.

Ron found some conference talks on these subjects and they were the basis our our talks.  The only problem was that I wanted to give my entire talk in Magyar!  So I made a very simple talk – less than one page.  Then I paid Timi, a local YSA to translate it into Magyar and also made a movie clip of her saying it – slowly – lassaban.  It was really very great to have that video because my pronunciation is TERRIBLE.  I practiced about 4 hours on Friday and Saturday and also most of the drive up there.  (It has helped my speaking so much!!)

The Church bought a two-story storefront in downtown Kaposvár and remodeled it. Once you are inside, it has beautiful curved stone steps that go upstairs and there are 5 rooms and a bathroom upstairs.  I think there were about 15-20 members there.  The branch president is an Elder Missionary and this Sunday was his first Sunday was Branch President. They just had their every six week transfer last week.

I spoke in Magyar, Ron spoke in English and a Returned Missionary, who is visiting Hungary, was his translator.  I asked another missionary if he could understand my very primitive Magyar and he said YES!  (well, he might have been just a nice person and did not want to hurt my feelings)  But the members seemed pleased and shook my hand afterwards.  It would have been wonderful to be able to communicate better with them than just say kösznöm (thank you).  Maybe next time?

Kaposvár:  another pretty Hungarian town.

This town is south of a very large natural lake.  It is called Lake Balaton and is the largest lake in Central Europe.  We drove by it on the way to Kaposvár.  The lake is very beautiful and quite a tourist attraction.  However, there was no time to be a tourist this Sabbath day, so we did not get to investigate the town or the lake.


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