Whole Wheat Bread

I love my Bosch Kitchen Machine and one of the worries about this mission was how would I live without my Bosch.  Especially since I knew we would be cooking things for the YSA.  So imagine my SURPRISE in my first visit to the kitchen – there was a BOSCH.  It is different than my home one, but similar to a smaller one that I handled as a Bosch dealer.  It was under used at the center, since they were not familiar with it.

We were attending Pest Ward one day and were talking to the Stake Patriarch about wheat.  He mentioned that there was a wheat grinding attachment for that Bosch.  He had purchased it for the Stake when he was in the Stake Presidency….  WOW!  So we started looking for it.  I imagined it would be a large attachment – having seen one that fit our Bosch that had grinding stones.  Could not find it.  However, after a few emails and finding a picture of what we were looking for, the Office Sister found it – right in the cupboard with the rest of the attachments!

So we ground some wheat that we bought from the Patriarch.  It took about 1.5 hours to make enough flour to make a batch of bread.

I was not completely happy with the bread – even though I added some white flour.  So I will continue to experiment before I share it with the kids.  I did make some white bread for Friday’s dinner and they LOVED that…  The flour hook is just not designed as well as on the kitchen machine I have…  BUT it will do!  How blessed was I???


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