Double Baptism

On Saturday, September 8, we went to the Kispest Ward, which is in our Budapest Stake, and attended the baptism of Peter and Dominique. It was about a 20 minute drive from the mission home.

Peter is a YSA and Dominique will be in a couple of years.

I omitted the picture of Dominique for privacy reasons.

It was a well attended event – well attended by ward members and our Young Single Adult members – and the missionaries, of course!  The presiding authority was a YSA who is the ward Missionary Leader.

The ward went all out for this event – open face sandwiches, fruit, and treats! Many of our YSA adults go to this ward.

I am not sure when the Kispest Ward building was built – but it is a very nice building.  Right off the main road in that area and across the street from the train (or villamos) not sure which is which…



      1. Yes I did. And I came across this blog last week because I will begin interning at the US Embassy in Budapest, next semester and I wanted to see what was up with the missionary work there. I hope you don’t mind!

  1. Isten Hozott! We will love to see you here in Budapest. And the YSA will be happy to meet you and interact with you. …. well, assuming you are not married… Come and visit us!

    1. I am indeed single and I can’t wait to participate in the YSA activities! It will give me something to do on the evenings! I’m so glad I found your blog to let me know what a treat I’m in for!

  2. Well, Connor, we are thrilled that you will be with us… We have people from all over the world dropping in every so often. We have a foreign exchange student here at the moment for this semester – from the US. 34 BYU-I kids will be here to visit 2 days next week… Not too many dull moments.

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