And I forgot…

Sister H and I will be teaching an Institute class every Friday evening at 6 PM – Family History.  It will start September 7, 2012 and go until January 30, 2013.  This means that we will have to be super organized on Fridays – to teach a class and serve food immediately afterwards… Luckily Sister S. will be getting a new companion soon to help out.  And there is always my companion!!!

Our Stake YSA will also offer a Preparation for Marriage Class on Friday evenings – trying to entice more YSA to attend Institute.  Stake President Klinger and Mission President Smith and their wives will be the teachers!!!  What a bonus for the kids!!!

Ron also will be teaching a water color art class every Thursday evening at 7 PM starting September 20, 2012.  We are not sure how long that will last but we are thinking that it might evolve into an art study group – where they can come and do their art and maybe Ron can critique it.  We hope his class will cater to some non-members in our YSA age group, too!  If you have not seen Ron’s water color paintings, click on this link.



  1. When Sister Michelle Curtin gets to Hungary she would love to help with art study. She is not as talented as Brother F, but she has been teaching art lessons to children for the last two years.

  2. Sounds like things are going well for you guys. I’m excited to hear how the young adults like all the new classes you are offering. I tried to look at the link of Ron’s art but it was blocked on my computer. I don’t know how to unblock it. 😦 – so I was sorry I couldn’t see some of his art. Your blog is great. I love hearing about what’s happening in Hungary. You are doing a fabulous job there. I knew you would be great.

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