Spiritual Lift

Tonight was Family Home Evening for the YSA.  They plan it and we provide a dinner for those who come.  Tonight we had barbeque chicken in a sauce over rice and a nice spinach salad.  The Stake Patriarch, whom we met at the Pest Ward yesterday, gave us a big bag of spinach from his garden.  So we used that.  Both the recipes were from Sister H – home economic graduate – what can I say?

Anyway, after the dinner a nice older man came in (closer to our age than the YSA).  He introduced himself as a counselor in the Buda ward Bishopric.  We were talking for a few minutes – he speaks English very well – and then he complimented me so much for my brief 5 sentence announcement.  The Spirit was so strong with him.  He explained how the members felt when we try to speak their language.  They know we have left our homes and families to be here with them and they are so grateful.  We are truly blessed to be here working with such humble people.  I only pray we can learn their language and also help those we are sent here to help!


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