Testimonies in Eger

The Senior Sister Missionaries, Sisters H and S, were asked to give talks in Eger last weekend, in part because Sister S is leaving.  So we went with them and we were expected to bear our testimonies. It took us 2 hours to travel one way northeast of Budapest to Eger.

Ron expected that they might want a little introduction to us, so he had been preparing very diligently – even checking his translation with the office Elders!  I recite my testimony quite often to myself, so I felt fairly confident about what I wanted to say.  BIG MISTAKE!  So we were the last two speakers.  And this is in a VERY little branch.  There were maybe 20 total people there – most of Europe is on vacation.  I had an introductory sentence that I had translated off of google translate (another mistake) and when I went up there, I wanted to say it to introduce myself before bearing my testimony.  So I asked the translator (a very cute young woman, who is engaged to be married next month) if it looked okay.  She said not really!  And I froze!  I said that intro sentence in English and launched into my testimony; but when I saw sweet real HUNGARIANS looking at me, I said about 1/2 of what I know (or what I think I know). Then Ron got up and even though he felt the same pressure (OMGoodness, this is real Hungarians), he persisted and said the whole memorized speech.  Of course, I was bawling because I am so proud of him.  BUT next time I will have it all written out like he did – I won’t promise I will memorize it like he did…

Here is the building they rent for the meetings:

Afterwards, we went about 50 steps to the S’s apartment for lunch/dinner.  They say that how they got that apartment is a real miracle!  They are on a MLS mission – Member Leadership Support and Elder S is the  Branch President.  He is a former surgeon from Oklahoma.  He is legally blind because of something like a stroke in both his optical nerves.  His wife plays the piano and has a beautiful singing voice.  They were both born in Logan but were in Oklahoma for years.  He and I compared our iPads and I learned a lot from him.  I bought a new Hungarian app that is much better than the free ones that we had (thanks C & J!).  He can see enough to read – but only on the iPad.

After visiting for a while, Sister S, her daughter, R and Ron and I walked into the town and saw some of the sights.

Very picturesque! The townspeople were also celebrating the national holiday this weekend.

Very narrow cobblestone streets and shops all over the place seem to be typical Hungary and perhaps Europe?

We were pretty tired when we arrived back into Budapest.  At least we live where the mission car is parked and did not have to walk home….

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