Nyárzáró Buli – Summer Ending Party

It doesn’t take too much excuse to have a PARTY!  and the end of summer is as good a reason as not.  So the Student President, Adri, and her co-horts, and the Senior Sisters and the Senior Couple, sat together with two translating missionaries (office missionaries) and planned this one for Friday, Aug 17 – from 7:30 – 2 AM!!!

The Singles had all the ideas and did most the decorating.  We bought the food and prepared it and we bought the decorating items.  All YSA from Hungary were invited!  Some came from hours away – and had to return that night – unless they found someone to stay overnight with.


Food:  open-face sandwiches, corn salad, ricotta-type cheese spread on bread, fruit punch, chips, several desserts:  banana bread, brownies, etc.

Some of the wonderful youth…

This was a type of line dance they were doing but I can’t seem to upload it to the blog.

Even just some hanging out… (the blonde male on the left is a lawyer from Sandy, Utah who works in Germany and was a counselor at the recent YSA conference and was visiting Hungary with another counselor, the young woman to his right)

We estimate that there were about 80 YSA in attendance throughout the night.  Great turnout!  Some of the youth had a very late train to catch – 5:30 AM, so we stayed with them in the building until about the time they left…. YAWN…

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