The 24 hour Flight

We arrived at the airport 2 hours early, like the dutiful fliers that we are.  We waited a VERY LONG time in the airport to talk to an American Airline person.  Then we found out that the incoming flight was so late that we would miss all our other connections and please wait while I find you another flight?!  After 1.5 hours, another flight (with all the connections) was found and she did not even charge us for any of the bags that we had (5 total).  I immediately emailed the Office Couple, the C, our new flight schedule  and off we were.  (SLC terminal is so nice to have free internet!!!)  We flew to Dallas, got on their sky high transport system (train that goes around the huge terminal) and got to the next flight (to London) just in time to board.  This was a 777 – a plane type that we have never been on before – and this is how it looked…. 9 seats across.  2 on sides, 5 in middle.

Inside cabin of 777.

Of course, silly us, we had paid EXTRA for exit seats on the trans-Atlantic flight (actually all flights), knowing that Ron’s long legs needed extra room.  Did we get that – NO!  (so that is a phone call that we still need to make to get a refund …)  He did have an isle seat, but it was not too comfy.

We got off in Heathrow at 7 AM-ish, with seats on the 8:55 PM flight into Budapest.  The AA person had told us to try to get onto an earlier flight; which we did and almost immediately got to fly into Hungary.  However, I had to find the internet to tell them that we were arriving early!  Finally I did that and I got back to our flight to find they had just started boarding.

The next surprise – not really after all this – was to find that we had NO luggage waiting for us at the terminal.  NEM, NADA, ZILCH!  Not one of the five bags arrived….  So after trying to find the correct Lost and Found Baggage people – and they realizing that the Cs might be waiting for us…. Ron stayed there to attend to those details and I left – just in time, the Cs were thinking that we might have not made the flight.

They drove us to their apartment and then the Hotel Belvedere, where we would stay until they figured out where we would be staying, about 10 minute walk to the Mission Home/Center.

The Hotel was very nice and COOL (air conditioning is not usually available in apartments here).   We loved the arboretum where breakfast was served!  It is the curved glass-enclosed room.


We stayed there Saturday through Tuesday nights.  The concierge was so nice and called the airlines several times a day for us to help us get our luggage. Unfortunately, it did not help and we did not get it until Tuesday after we left.  Tuesday, we moved into one of the top floor bedrooms of President Smith’s private suite.  We were supposed to move into our apartment (two buildings down from the Mission Home) on Saturday – today – but they have not quite finished cleaning it up.  New date for our apartment moving in is Monday, Aug 20th!  (A National Holiday)

More later…

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