The Last Goodbye!

Sunday, July 29th, was our farewell to our ward family.  Our assigned topics during the Sacrament Meeting talks were the spiritual aspects of provident living…  All our children and grandchildren were present!  It was a very special day for us..

After Sacrament Meeting we went home, prepared for a family picture, ate lunch, had family pictures (see on Our Family page).  Eventually everyone left for their homes, except Rachael and Steve and their family.  They left the next morning.

We left our home on Thursday evening, and then we went to spend overnight at Dan and Cheryl.  Dan drove us to Carlucci’s Bakery, on the edge of Pioneer Park, where we met up with Pat and Katarina, Katie and Mike and their family, Jeni and Amoz and their family and had breakfast, exchanged things left at our house, and our final goodbyes.

Felsted Elder & Felsted Nover outside Carlucci’s Bakery, SLC.


  1. You guys look so wonderful. I had wanted to come to your farewell, but just didn’t feel right about going. Then I got a phone call from my Mom in the early hours of that morning that my Dad had passed away. I spent all of that day and most of the following week with my Mom, helping notify everyone, making funeral arrangements, etc. I’m sure your farewell was wonderful, you guys are so amazing! I hope all goes well for you guys in Hungary! Kim

  2. Let the adventure begin!! Please include us on your mailing list so we can live vicariously and be inspired and uplifted by your experiences along with you.

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