50th Wedding Anniversary PARTY!

Our wedding anniversary is really September 11!  Yes, that is correct.  If we ever had a tendency to forget the date in the past, there was no way to forget it after 2001!

Our eldest daughter, Rachael, took it upon herself to organize a whiz-bang of a party to celebrate our soon-to-be 50th.  And it was way fun!  It was at the end of the Cousin Camp activities – in our Cove Ward building.  All seven our our children and their six spouses were there.  Only two grandchildren, Isaac, who lives in San Diego with his mother, and Tristan, who is visiting the other grandparents in Missouri, were not there.  All the other twenty-two were there.  Trista and Darin, Ron’s niece and her husband came and two of Ron’s Felsted cousins, Raymond and Effie and her husband came.  And there were a couple of friends that we invited that came.  So all in all it was a grand party!

Pictures from the past + my aged wedding dress

Rachael had each of the seven kids contribute to the party in some way.  Dan made a banner and organized the music that was played during the evening; Patrick, Erik and Clinton paid for the yummy catered dinner; Rachael got all the decorations, flowers and the very yummy cake; Katie made the cute invitations, with pictures of us a various stages in our lives; Jenivere gathered pictures and displayed them PLUS she made a very cute video of various pictures which included music of the times.  It was very wonderful to see how each contributed and how great they all worked together.  Times like these that you can see how super your kids have turned out!!! (not bragging or anything…)

Cake: not only was it gorgeous to look at, but it was delicious to eat!

The entertainment was too fun – here are some of the entertainment:

Instead of Going on a Bear Hunt (one of Opa’s activities with his grandchildren), Pat’s family took us Going On A Mission…

Also, the three Cook girls did a medley of dance clips “from the past!”  That brought back some memories!!!

Emily, Ryan, Cameron – think I see those cowboy boots on Csmi…

Cousins Grant and Isaiah spent a few hours, making construction paper finger puppets, and then, practicing this puppet show,  in a box converted to a puppet theater, in the hot garage. Very creative!

Before the puppet show…

There was also a very cute DRAMA that Amoz and Aidan did, changing hats, scarfs, chairs and persona; Aidan’s piano playing, several cousin’s skits, and Dan’s childrens’ movie, Wild West; The Stolen Money.  And I hope I did not forget anyone… (if I did, I will edit this..)

WONDERFUL EVENING….. thanks to my great children and grandchildren…

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