Horses in the garden…

When we arrived home from California, Ron discovered that the horses had found a way into our garden.  We thought we knew about keeping animals out of the garden!

Our experience living on the edge of a substantial forest in Maryland, was that a HIGH and STUDY fence was needed to keep the deer out.  Since our property adjoins High Creek watershed property here in Cove, we would not even start a garden without putting up a fence.  Ron got some 11 foot tall lodgepole pine poles, dug deep holes and put up graduated wire fencing around the bottom edge (to keep out small critters) and then topped it with a plastic-type wire for the top edge.  We did discover that the horses a cousin keeps on our property like to rub themselves against the poles, so Ron braced them with poles on an angle.  That lasted until we were gone for a full week!

Jacob, Michael and Ron putting up t-poles

Ron was tired and discouraged after an intensive 3 days at the MTC and the drive to and from California.  His inclination was to just forget the garden and let it be.  However, I was afraid eventually, he would try to do all the work himself.  It was providential that Michael and Katie came up early on Wednesday – instead of coming on Thursday during the day, like others planned.  So I asked Michael if he would help Ron and you can see the results.  They installed t-poles in between the lodgepine poles and put up a higher layer of metal fencing.

We were not sure if we should even plant a garden, but it seems there were so many delays with our mission call so Ron went ahead and planted some lettuces, onions, kale, carrots, early cabbages.  We thought that if we were around a couple of months, we could enjoy some produce.  And we did!  However, the horses really liked what was left of the cabbages and kale.

Lonely fragment of kale…

This was all that was left of a large row of kale…

But all this is a learning experience – with livestock!  (LOTS of livestock in Cove)  We spent tonight (July 30th) finishing off another row of metal fencing (above the other metal fencing).  We now have about 4.5 feet of metal fencing stapled to the wooden poles and wired to the metal poles.  Hopefully, the young couple staying in our home will want to garden – so they will keep an eye on it while we are gone…


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