Mission Training Center

Yesterday was a VERY SPECIAL DAY!  It was our first day at the MTC.  We had 5 children go on missions but we never had the opportunity to take them to the MTC.  (It cost too much money to fly 3 adults to Utah from Maryland).  We sent them to Utah ALONE and Grandparents Felsted or a sibling met them and took them to the MTC for us…

So this was our first experience being there.  Gated entrance:  we had to get temporary stickers to wear – then someone had to meet us and escort us into the main building where we received magnetic labels “Language Training” to wear.  These and the passes we were issued will get us into the building until we receive our official missionary name tags.  The MTC is like a college campus with a bookstore, dormitories, cafeteria, buildings with study rooms and computer labs.

Here is the back of Ron in the computer lab – with Elders all around him…

Ron is dead center

I wish I could describe to you the feeling that we feel when we see the thousands of young men and young women who are here studying for their missions.  They follow their schedules religiously.  They study their language or their missionary materials in groups in 10′ x 12′ rooms.  They exercise every day.  The Elders are all clean-cut and wear Church clothes – suits, white shirts, ties.  The Sisters are similarly dressed.  They arrive in the cafeteria in great hoards  for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Sometimes they study outside in smaller groups.  They are worthy to have gone through the temple and are very choice and valiant young adults.  Truly amazing… and we are humbled to be in their presence.

Here is a video clip called “An Army of Faith,” which shows some of what we have seen (from KSL but I could not figure out how to imbed this one):


Ex-missionaries often are their teachers – and teach them both the gospel lessons and the language lessons.  And in our very limited (2 day) experience, these wonderful returned missionaries, RMs, know how to keep us on track and spiritually in tune!

I will describe our typical day in my next posting..


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  1. Our grandson just entered the MTC Wednesday. He is going to the New Jersey, Morristown Mission so you will probably never meet him. Just in case you happen upon him, his name is Cache Thompson. We are just starting our temple break. The Brigham City Temple district people from our group were released on Wednesday. It was a difficult day with all the goodbyes! Good to hear from you via your blog. We pray for you and your success!

    Love, Sister Porter

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