Life goes on…

Second time for this post – the first version was deleted because of some issues with Ron’s computer!  So now I am writing this first on Word before I transfer it over to the blog…

And I am writing this on Ron’s computer because my Apple is at the local Apple store – getting a new optical CD/DVR drive put in and hopefully, they can retrieve my data from my old hard drive – which was replaced in the Salt Lake Apple Store in the Gateway Mall.

We planned a trip to SLC to visit Ron’s sister, Darlene and her husband, Val, who live in a missionary apartment near the Temple complex.  They have ½ day off on Wednesdays, from their work at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, while they await their visas to their Mongolian Mission.  They are doing some Family History work there:  Darlene is checking the accuracy of some extracted Russian records and Val is doing the same with some Spanish records.  VERY TALENTED COUPLE!  (and that is not all they do – Darlene is a very accomplished pianist and musician; Val’s career was as a psychologist and also had a newspaper column that ran in many papers for many years!)

I had an appointment at 11:15 at the Apple store.  We were there about 2 hours while they tried this and that.  I had previously tried to do a backup with a portable hard drive – but it was too full to take my pictures – and I don’t remember what else I saved.  We were tired and pushed for time.  They said my hard drive needed to be re-formatted, so I said OKAY!   DUMB!

We went off to meet up with Darlene and Val.  They took us to their missionary apartment and we had lunch.  Then we went to the SL Temple to do some family ordinances.  Afterwards we went to the Family History Library.  Darlene and Val wanted to see what records the Church had filmed for Mongolia.  NADA, ZILCH, NEM!  They will have to find out what records Mongolia has when they are there – so they can help the members with their genealogy.   They will be in the capital city, so hopefully they will have some records there.

Back to the Apple Store:  the re-formatting failed, which meant that it needed a new hard drive.  (They had already determined that it also needed a new optical drive.)  So at 8 PM, we left for a quick dinner at the food court at the new City Creek Mall – and then back to the Apple Store.  It was nearly closing; but it was not quite ready, so Val dropped us off so we could get our parked underground car and we parted company.  Back to the store and it was ready at 9:15 – the guy said he would not leave until we got there, even though it might be after hours….  Got home at 11:40 PM  – YAWN…

We stayed overnight Tuesday with Jill and LaMont, a couple that we knew briefly at BYU and then they showed up in our Maryland Ward.  He was our Bishop for a while!  They moved back to the Salt Lake area a few years ago…  She and I graduated in the same field (Microbiology) and Ron and LaMont graduated in the same field (Chemistry) – so we have a lot in common.  Always fun to check up on old friends.

We wanted to get all the computer issues resolved before our mission.  Looks like mine might be done – now to get Ron’s fixed…

Our dates at the MTC have changed.  Kyle, our language teacher, is going on vacation and he could not find enough Hungarian teachers to take his place.  SO, now we are going in June 27-29 and July 2-6 for language immersion and July 9-13 and July 16-18 for regular missionary training.  Luckily for us, we had some flexibility in our schedule.  Our departure date is still Aug 10th for Hungary.  The Carpenters re-arranged their schedule to be with us at the MTC June 27-29!  Their departure date is July 3rd

Studying the language is SO EXHAUSTING.  And it is taking all our energy.  We have lots of chores that still need to be done and after studying for a few hours in the morning, then doing the other stuff, we find we are ready for bed at 8 PM!  However, the alarm system is now working, the toilet working, and the watering system working  – thanks to Ron.  And Kathie is nearly done with finding some clothes that fit and look decent.  (There is no Mr. Mac for us girls… that is a store in Utah that specializes in clothes for boy missionaries.)

We went to Ogden on Monday – the minute our new driver’s licenses arrived – to get our International Driving Licenses from AAA.  That is the closest store to us.  I also replaced my SS card, which had gone missing… Hopefully, that is the end of missionary to do list!



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  1. Hello, My husband and I have just been called to serve in the Hungary Budapest mission with the young single adults. Can we correspond with our queries?

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