Released as Temple Ordinance Workers

Friday, June 8, 2012, was a sad day.  We were released as Temple Ordinance Workers in the Logan, Utah Temple. We have served a year and a half.

Logan Temple

In the Fall of 2010, we were called on the phone personally by the President of the Temple, President Kerr, to come and visit with him.  He talked to us (interviewed us?) and then asked if we would consider working as Ordinance workers.  I needed a fix-it-up operation (delayed many years) so we did not start until January 2011.  (The Temple Presidency is a calling in our Church and the three men and their wives serve for three years.)  We have had a new Temple Presidency at our temple for the last 6 months.

We have loved working there.  The Spirit of the Lord is very strong in our Temples and the other workers were such wonderful examples to us.  We were ASTONISHED at how many of them have served 10 or 15 years as temple workers; how many had served SEVERAL missions for the Church; and of course, diligent in their various callings in the Church.  Their life’s work could have been anything – from farmers to college professors – just like the general membership of the Church.  We were humbled to be in their presence!

We were also very humbled to see very severely handicapped patrons come to the temple OFTEN.  One comes in a self-driven horizontal gurney.  He comes at least once a week with various family members.  Others in wheelchairs, crutches, canes, some with beginning Alzheimer’s Disease, some with Down’s Syndrome or autism.  Once there was a young woman, who could not talk and had to have someone assigned to speak for her.  (I later heard that she had to be fed through her stomach because of her ailments.)   She came to participate in some of the Temple ordinances.  The Holy Spirit was so strong with her; I was reduced to tears and could barely get through my officiating part!  How much easier would it be for them to stay at home.  Yet they sacrifice much for the blessings of temple service – on behalf of OTHERS.  It was such a privilege to be in such the company of such wonderful patrons!

If you do not know why we build temples or why we worship in them, you might be interested in these two video clips:

Why Mormons Build Temples:

Mormon Temples: The Blessings of the Temple:

On to another chapter in our lives….

Temple Workers

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