Learning the Language & Learning Styles

When we received our language materials, we got grammar pages and lesson pages (as well as other stuff, like a VERY SERIOUS Hungarian grammar book and Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian Dictionaries).  After looking over the lessons, we decided that we each needed our own set.  Ron wanted the pages to be in a booklet form, so we had two grammar books and two lesson books copied and bound by the copy store. I prefer to have each individual lesson in my hands – and make notes all over it, so I just copy each lesson – and I can do it my way. (Think the Frank Sinatra song?)  We started with the Pray lesson and spent two weeks on that.  (Each lesson is divided into tasks: vocabulary, pattern phrases, shadow reading and extra mile vocabulary).

We also decided to get small spiral notebooks to write in our vocabulary words, phrases, rules and other stuff.  I think that was recommended by the teacher or it was in the Church language materials somewhere.  It is easy to carry around with us and when we have a few minutes, we can study something.

Ron is blessed with the gifts of persistence and tenacity!  Once he is determined to learn something, he is like a bulldog – you would have to pry him away from his object.  His attitude is this:  since the Lord sent me to Hungary, I MUST learn the language!!!  He decided that he learns better when he is rested, so that meant he needed to get up early in the morning.  Therefore he has been getting up at 6 AM and studying HARD.  This is the method that he has used since he figured out that is what he had to do in the eighth grade to get an A in his schoolwork.  At the time he did not realize he had some severe learning problems – called dyslexia.  Spelling is hard for him; special things like figuring out how to cut a piece of wall board (and not in mirror image) is very difficult, and if under any pressure, he has been known to freeze up; so you can imagine how hard learning a new language – and one of the world’s most difficult – will be for him.  But knowing him as I do, I am sure he can do it – especially with the Lord’s help!!!

I am a more laid back learner – guess things come more easy for me.  College was a real big shock to me – I actually had to study.  However, I did not have the study habits that Ron had, so my method during college was all-night cramming sessions with a friend.  Really not up to that these days…. TOO OLD!  And “room-mate” who gets up at 6 AM has been a bit of a pressure for me…. so I have been getting up about 7 AM to get some studying in.  Of course, Ron is way ahead of me on vocabulary.  I am going to have to take some serious time to see if I can catch up!  I can be intense, too, and I am sure the pressure will be on when we are in the Mission Training Center (MTC) for the two weeks of immersion language training.   That will be June 18-22 and June 25-29.

Anyway, we can say a memorized simple prayer – in hopefully somewhat recognizable Magyar language and also a simple testimony.  We studied the Testify lesson this week – our third week of Skype lessons with Kyle who works at the MTC teaching old fogies like us.

Tudom, hogy Krisztus el – I know Christ lives!  I really do and I know He directs our Prophet and Apostles!

(Pronunciation:  Too – dome, hodj Kris -tush ehl – accent on the first syllable of each word)

Home Language Study Area – Dining Room!

Home Language Study Area
Home Language Study Area

Szia (c – aw)  Goodbye!


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