Meeting the Carpenters

We are still not sure exactly in what city we will be serving – we suspect that it is in Budapest – however, it could be Pecs.  Maybe we will receive a letter from the Mission President confirming where – or maybe we will find out when we get there – or maybe we will find out another way! (see next paragraph)

Today we had lunch with the Carpenters, who will be serving in the same mission – and their call is to work in the office of the mission.  They leave for Hungary, July 3.  They will be replacing the Bagozzis.  Sue Carpenter is a real go-getter and she and her husband, Gary, have already met the Smiths, the incoming Mission President (who will be going to Hungary at the end of July) and have corresponded with the Bagozzis, and arranged to meet us!  So, she said she would find out where we are supposed to be..  We had lunch at the Cafe Sabor – a great Logan eatery (converted train station) – and we all enjoyed our Mexican-American lunch!  YUM!

This the second mission for the Carpenters.  They served in the office in Singapore.  Gary is a CPA, has two masters in accounting – so they are naturals for running the office of the Mission President!  Sue says maybe they did not get it right the first time – but I think it is because they have the skills necessary to do what they have been called to do…

Us on the other hand, ???  I am thinking we will be severely STRETCHED…

Anyway, they told us how to handle our personal finances while in Hungary – so we stopped on the way home from lunch at our local bank and applied for a Visa card through our bank that can be used as a debit card in Hungary.  Ron can handle most everything – including paying tithing – through the internet; so we learned a few more things on our list of unknowns.

The Carpenters will be with us at the MTC the week of June 18th for the language immersion training.  We four will be the first senior couples to go through this immersion experience for the Hungarian language!  That is exciting!  (Really, I am terrified to think of studying a foreign language for 8 hours a day – I guess we will find out if old dogs can learn new tricks!!!)  They will not be there the second week, because they are leaving the first week of July.

I think we will have a new circle of friends through this mission – senior missionaries and the Hungarians that we will meet.

I have already been corresponding with Flammer Nover (Sister Flammer).  She is a cousin to someone in our Cove Ward.  (very small Mormon world!)  They have been on their Hungarian Mission since January and she has answered LOTS of questions, given information, thinks the Hungarian Mission is the BEST and she has a blog, which is great (and funny):

Last night, a Brother Haslem from the North Logan Stake, called me and we talked for 45 minutes.  He is his wife served a mission in Hungary and came home a year or so ago.  He answered some questions that we had and they offered to meet up with us, if we wanted.  The Church has so many really nice people like them – who will go out of their way for you!  I think they got our names and phone number from a friend that we have who works with us at the Logan Temple.


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