Details of our call

We started putting in our mission papers in December 2011.  Once we let the Bishop know we wanted to go on a mission, he got the ball rolling and in a few days, we were sent the materials that we needed to fill out – all online.  We had previously decided that we would let the Lord decide where we would go. We did prefer to go foreign, so we signed up for 23 months and put no other specifics.  Well, Ron mentioned that we would go to a third world country and I mentioned my love of Family History Work.  We had no idea about how long it would take to fill out all the paperwork!  And Christmas time was not a great time to be working on that!

Then in January we started getting all the medical visits accomplished.  The Church wants to make sure their Senior Missionaries are healthy, so we had to take care of any past issues and have everything documented. – dental work, eyes checked, internists, specialists, etc.  Ron’s left knee had been giving him more and more trouble, so that necessitated knee arthroscopic surgery and some physical therapy before we could finalize our paperwork.  It was not until April 15th until we had our interview with the Stake President.

On May 10, 2012, we got a call from the Post Office that there was a letter from the First Presidency of the Church and did we want to pick it up at the Post Office – or have it delivered?!  (ONLY IN UTAH??)  We knew were were saving it to open in front of the children, so it was delivered.  We emailed the children and a couple of close friends that we would open the letter at 7 PM that night. Our family and friends got on ooVoo so they could see us and we opened the letter with them seeing us.


Quite a thrill to think that the Lord needs us in HUNGARY!  And we were to work with the Center for Young Adults (ages 18-30).  We did not even know those centers existed!



  1. Kathie, David and I are in awe of you and Ron. We will pray for you–and know you will do a wonderful work. Love, Kenna

  2. Dear Felsteds, Greetings! It is now Jan. 1, 2014!!!! When do you return to Cache Valley?!?! You should know that I am looking for 4 events in the news.

    1. Hi Ted and Priscilla… We return to Cache Valley in June 2014!! about 5 months away. It has gone so fast!!! The “news these days” is just prophecy fulfilled…

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